Unlock bootloader Asus Zenpad Z170CG (P01Y)

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This guide has been tested on Linux. It may also work nicely on OSX or Windows, but I haven’t tested it out. If you experience any problems, leave a message in the comments.

Before continuing, you should have installed the adb and fastboot binaries, connected the device to your computer and enabled ADB debugging on the device.

Verify that the device is accessible

# adb devices
List of devices attached

Reboot into fastboot

# adb reboot fastboot

Unlock bootloader

# fastboot oem asus-go
(bootloader)  Unlocking the bootloader means the following:
(bootloader)  All user data will be deleted
(bootloader)  Any securely stored data will be inaccessible
(bootloader)  Warranty will be void
(bootloader)  After unlocking you have to execute
(bootloader)  > fastboot format userdata
(bootloader)  > fastboot format cache
(bootloader)  or carry out a factory reset from recovery
(bootloader)  To confirm the unlock, please execute the command
(bootloader)  > fastboot oem unlock confirm
OKAY [  0.057s]
finished. total time: 0.057s

Confirm unlocking

# fastboot oem asus-go confirm
(bootloader)  Unlocking and rebooting into unlocked state
OKAY [  0.070s]
finished. total time: 0.070s

Get a var dump for later

# fastboot getvar all
(bootloader)  version-baseband: 24832
(bootloader)  version-bootloader: 1638.500_M1S1
(bootloader)  product: SF_3GR
(bootloader)  secure: YES
(bootloader)  unlocked: YES
(bootloader)  off-mode-charge: 1
(bootloader)  ========== parition type ==========
(bootloader)  system parition type: ext4
(bootloader)  userdata parition type: ext4
(bootloader)  cache parition type: ext4
(bootloader)  hypervisor parition type: raw
(bootloader)  boot parition type: raw
(bootloader)  recovery parition type: raw
(bootloader)  splash parition type: raw
(bootloader)  mvconfig parition type: raw
(bootloader)  secvm parition type: raw
(bootloader)  vrl parition type: raw
(bootloader)  psi parition type: raw
(bootloader)  slb parition type: raw
(bootloader)  ucode_patch parition type: raw
(bootloader)  APD parition type: ext4
(bootloader)  ADF parition type: ext4
(bootloader)  factory parition type: ext4
(bootloader)  nvm_static_calib parition type: raw
(bootloader)  nvm_static_fix parition type: raw
(bootloader)  nvm_dynamic parition type: raw
(bootloader)  linux_nvm_fs parition type: ext4
(bootloader)  ===================================
(bootloader)  ========== parition size ==========
(bootloader)  system parition size: 0x0000000090000000
(bootloader)  userdata parition size: 0x00000002f0380000
(bootloader)  cache parition size: 0x0000000017200000
(bootloader)  hypervisor parition size: 0x0000000000100000
(bootloader)  boot parition size: 0x0000000001100000
(bootloader)  recovery parition size: 0x0000000001100000
(bootloader)  splash parition size: 0x0000000002080000
(bootloader)  mvconfig parition size: 0x0000000000080000
(bootloader)  secvm parition size: 0x0000000000c00000
(bootloader)  vrl parition size: 0x0000000000040000
(bootloader)  psi parition size: 0x0000000000020000
(bootloader)  slb parition size: 0x0000000000100000
(bootloader)  ucode_patch parition size: 0x0000000000003000
(bootloader)  APD parition size: 0x0000000009600000
(bootloader)  ADF parition size: 0x0000000000100000
(bootloader)  factory parition size: 0x0000000000900000
(bootloader)  nvm_static_calib parition size: 0x0000000000800000
(bootloader)  nvm_static_fix parition size: 0x0000000000100000
(bootloader)  nvm_dynamic parition size: 0x0000000000100000
(bootloader)  linux_nvm_fs parition size: 0x0000000000500000
(bootloader)  ===================================
(bootloader)  max-download-size: 0x3cc00000
finished. total time: 0.261s

Continue booting the device normally

# fastboot continue

Next step for me is to build and install a custom bootloader. To be continued…


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