Troubleshooting bluescreen of death ntoskrnl.exe Windows 7

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Had issues with my Windows 7 box got lots of bluescreens, but it happened mostly while I wasn’t around. I came back and saw my computer either being rebooted or hanging on the blue screen.

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Reading the memory dump

Make sure you have enabled memory dumps on system failures. Open System in All Control Panel Items (shortcut Win+Break), then open Advanced system settings in the sidebar.

Advanced system settings

Select Advanced, then Startup and Recovery -> Settings…. Enable Write debugging information” and select *Kernel memory dump.

Write debugging information

On the next BSOD, the current system memory will be dumped into a .dmp file for debugging purposes. This will help in determining the cause of the error.

I use BlueScreenView to view the dumps afterward


All of my incidents seemed to occur within ntoskrnl.exe. A lot of articles were suggesting issues related to storage and NTFS, but it didn’t really seem like the cause for mine.


So preventing my OS from going to sleep solved my problems, and I don’t mind it not sleeping. It’s still turning off the monitors without issues, so I’m happy.

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