Disable urxvt ISO14755 mode yellow box on ctrl+shift

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Whenever I press Ctrl+Shift when in the urxvt terminal, the key combination toggles the ISO14755 mode of the terminal, letting you enter unicode sequences manually. I have personally never used this feature myself and just got tired of dealing with it as it would toggle on while I was trying to trigger a keybord shortcut of a different background process (i3wm).

urxvt ISO 4755 mode urxvt keycap picture instert mode

urxvt has an way to disable the mode completely with the iso14755 option. So I put the following into my ~/.Xresources:

URxvt.iso14755: false

Then I reload the configuration

$ xrdb -merge ~/.Xresources

New instances of urxvt should no longer toggle the mode on Ctrl+Shift.


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