kubectl proxy error connection refused and too many open files

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I just got into testing out a managed kubernetes (k8s) cluster on Google Cloud Engine and got into some early trouble.

$ kubectl proxy
Starting to serve on
I0226 23:59:15.574452    2842 logs.go:41] http: proxy error: dial tcp [::1]:8080: getsockopt: connection refused

Then, that error message made me thing I should maybe be listening on port 8080 instead

$ kubectl proxy 
Starting to serve on
I0226 23:00:24.463088    2885 logs.go:41] http: Accept error: accept tcp accept4: too many open files; retrying in 5ms
I0226 23:00:24.463677    2885 logs.go:41] http: proxy error: dial tcp socket: too many open files

Apparently, this is what happens when kubectl doesn’t have a valid config yet.

$ kubectl config view
apiVersion: v1
clusters: []
contexts: []
current-context: ""
kind: Config
preferences: {}
users: []

It doesn’t matter if the gcloud instance has a good connection - kubectl needs its own.

If gcloud has not yet been set up, do that first (gcloud init), then load credentials for kubectl:

$ gcloud container clusters list
cluster-1  europe-west1-c  1.8.7-gke.1  g1-small      1.8.7-gke.1   4          RUNNING

And I want to operate on cluster-1, so I can get credentials for that one by name:

$ gcloud container clusters get-credentials cluster-1
Fetching cluster endpoint and auth data.
kubeconfig entry generated for cluster-1.

Success! Now I can start the proxy

$ kubectl proxy
Starting to serve on

And browse the web interface of the cluster at

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