Had issues with my Windows 7 box got lots of bluescreens, but it happened mostly while I wasn't around. I came back and saw my computer either being rebooted or hanging on the blue screen.

TLDR; scroll to bottom

Reading the memory dump

Make sure you have enabled memory dumps on system failures. Open System in All Control Panel Items (shortcut Win+Break), then open Advanced system settings in the sidebar.

Advanced system settings

Select Advanced, then Startup and Recovery -> Settings.... Enable *Write debugging information" and select Kernel memory dump.

Write debugging information

On the next BSOD, the current system memory will be dumped into a .dmp file for debugging purposes. This will help in determining the cause of the error.

I use BlueScreenView to view the dumps afterward


All of my incidents seemed to occur within ntoskrnl.exe. A lot of articles were suggesting issues related to storage and NTFS, but it didn't really seem like the cause for mine.


  • Memory faulty?
    • Ran 13 passes of memtest86 without errors
  • SATA faulty?
    • Switched SATA cables
    • Chose a different port on the motherboard
  • Switch BIOS settings for on-board devices
    • Disabled COM Super I/O
    • Disconnected front USB hub (as I've had issues with connectivity on those ports)
    • Intel system drivers update
  • Prevent OS from sleeping
    • I was seeing a pattern of when was getting blue screens; either when going to, or waking up from sleep.
    • Disabling sleep solved the problems

So preventing my OS from going to sleep solved my problems, and I don't mind it not sleeping. It's still turning off the monitors without issues, so I'm happy.