Recovering from btrfs errors

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After vacuuming under my desk, my SSD went into read-only mode while the system was on. I have a LVM on Luks and btrfs setup, and after rebooting, it went straight into btrfs emergency rescue mode.

btrfs lvm luks errors

Attempt backup

Before continuing, I mirrored the drive to a backup drive with a 2048 block size. The reason for that block size is that it is what I determined to be the sector size of the SSD. Whether that is the correct assumption or not I cannot guarantee.

# dd if=/dev/sda of=/dev/sdb bs=2048

I created a btrfs filesystem on a usb pen drive, as the btrfs recovery shell didn’t support vfat nor ext4. Inserted the pen drive in the recovering computer and mounted it. I had two other disks connected, so my USB drive became sdc.

# mkdir /usbmnt
# mount /dev/sdc1 /usbmnt

Then attempt to recover my git repositories that I, of course, hadn’t pushed back to origin.

# btrfs restore -c --path-regex '^/(|home/(|/sshow(|/repos/(|/.*))))$' \
    /dev/mapper/lvmvg-rootvol /usbmnt

And my dotfiles (this copies over all directories starting with a dot too, but not their contents, so it’s okay for me)

# btrfs restore -c --path-regex '^/(|home/(|/sshow(|/\.\w*)))$' \
    /dev/mapper/lvmvg-rootvol /usbmnt

And I want my .config folder

# btrfs restore -c --path-regex '^/(|home/(|/sshow(|/.config(|/.*))))$' \
    /dev/mapper/lvmvg-rootvol /usbmnt

Attempt repair

IMPORTANT: At this point, I have the backup that I want, and I’m continuing to figure btrfs out by blindly attempting recovery options with no fear of permanently damaging my data or drive, even though that might actually happen.

Now that I have the backup, I’ll try to run the --repair tool.

# btrfs check --repair /dev/mapper/lvmvg-rootvol

It outputted the same errors as check without --repair, so I stepped up my faith game and attempted init-csum-tree and init-extent-tree as well. I haven’t even read it up, but according to the errors from a plain btrfs check, this is exactly what the disk was having problems with.

# btrfs check --repair --init-csum-tree --init-extent-tree /dev/mapper/lvmvg-rootvol

btrfs recovery complete

Now ended with success and reporting 0 errors. Time for a reboot.

It went pretty good. Now booting properly again.


System seems okay. After boot I had a corrupted journal file, which was rotated, but other than that, it seems fine. Some questions to ask myself though:

Yes to both. Let’s live on in certain uncertainty <3


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