Generate password hash for ASP.NET Identity authentication

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I had to create a password hash to update a password directly in a MSSQL server instance, but did not have Visual Studio to launch the Auth Web UI to administer the user accounts, nor did I have a C# IDE or compiler installed. I wanted to solve it with JavaScript anyway, so there goes.

This code, written for Node.js 6.x, generates a password hash to use with ASP.NET Identity version 2.

The resulting base64-encoded string consist of a single byte 0 signifying this is a version 2 hash. Then comes a 16 bytes long salt, followed by 32 bytes long SHA-1 hashed (1000 rounds) password.

const crypto = require('crypto')

const pass = 'foobar'
const version = Buffer.alloc(1) // 1 zero-filled byte
const salt = crypto.randomBytes(16)
const hash = crypto.pbkdf2Sync(pass, salt, 1000, 32, 'sha1')
const b64 = Buffer.concat([



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