Honda CB500 T 1996 motorcycle upgrade notes

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These are the notes for servicing my Honda CB500 1996 (T) Italy motorbike.

A problem with the 1994-2001 CB500, is that Honda CB’s are very popular in general. Both for enthusiasts and for modern retro stylers. Mostly models from the 1970s. This pollutes search results, so I make sure I take note of sites, videos and articles I find for my specific make.

Parts overview

I’ve come to find some different online shops to order parts from. They have their pros and cons.

Head crown bearings

Original bearings are roll-cage bearings. Enthusiast bike mechanics I’ve seen videos and comments from, says this is a typical part of the bike which is never serviced or inspected by the typical owner(s).

After looking into this, and looking at great videos regarding bearings, I want tapered roller bearings.

I found a kit for 30 euros, which I think is a great price. Especially as I I know it will fit by bike (I’m buying from a shop that lets me choose supported models).

Upgrade kit. The fit is described as upper dimensions 26 x 47 x 15mm and lower as 30 x 55 x 17mm.

Video references:

Suspension / Rear cushions

I suspect the rear cushion on my bike has never been changed or serviced. I was surprised at the price for original parts from some vendors. It had me looking for alternative parts.

As of end of April 2020, original pairs are around €700. After-market alternatives are between €240 - €420. Used pairs goes for around €100, but I want something new, for my part.


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